USDA Loans

Looking to buy a primary home outside the city?  Look no further than the USDA Loan (if your family doesn't earn more than 115% of the median family income and the property qualifies). 

Some areas in Oregon that may be eligible for financing include Molalla, Silverton, Woodburn, McMinnville or Newberg.  Places like Salem, Keizer, Portland and surrounding area are typically not eligible but you can use the map below to find out for sure.

In Washington, La Center, Woodland or Ridgefield may be eligible while Vancouver and surrounding areas are not.

Click on the link below and accept the terms.  Once you do that, a map will pop up and you'll be able to check the address of any home for eligibility.

Follow this link to check if your property is eligible.

CHA Mortgage Company is an approved broker and can help you with your USDA financing.

While USDA doesn't have specific credit score requirements, our lenders may have a minimum.  

USDA offers 100% financing, has cheaper monthly mortgage insurance (called guarantee fee) than FHA and a lower upfront fee (1% vs 1.75% on FHA) so this program is preferred whenever possible.